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Dental Prosthetic Technology


Graduation of 2020

2020 was an exhausting year for us all but here in the Dental Technology Department of LACC perseverance was the watchword and we did just that. With the turning of the year we saw an incredibly talented group of people graduate. 

Amidst the hardship of switching over from traditional hands on practice to mostly long distance digital learning this years graduates not only persevered they flourished. 

Two of these incredibly hardworking students not only graduated but worked hard enough to earn special merits.


Miri Yu earned the Recognitions Award for 

Outstanding Service to the Departmentgraduation cap


Kyle Sneed earned the Golden Spatula award for 

Excellence in class work.

Service to class and department.

Potential for success in the dental industry.


This award has been granted to exceptional students since 1967. 

The graduation itself was held entirely on line over zoom but people still managed to come together to celebrate. Everyone's families were there on zoom and watched  proudly as each of the graduates accepted their certificates and degrees with pride.

Tears were shed and everyone collectively let out a bit of tension as the year was over and a mountain had been climbed.

We look forward to seeing everyone move on to a hopefully brighter future and with the knowledge and skills gained they can only succeed in this their chosen field. 

 L.A. Health Care Talent Pipeline

On October 18th, LACC Dental Prosthetic Technology (DPT) team participated at the L.A. Health Care Talent Pipeline team at UNITE-LA and the L.A. Area Chamber of Commerce.

 As an Exhibitor at the Health Care Career Exploration Track at  As an Exhibitor at the Health Care Career Exploration Track at Your Future L.A./Tu Futuro L.A.: Beyond the Diploma,  the DPT Team had the opportunity to share information about the Dental Prosthetic Technology Profession and the programs offered at Los Angeles City College.

The event was amazing. We had the pleasure to meet many high school students, eager to learn about new things.Nearly 8,000 students and families get college & career ready over the course of the two-day event – including over 350 students learning more about health care careers & post-secondary training across 4 panel discussions.



LACC dental prosthetic technology students attended to 16th Annual Dental Lab & CAD/CAM Expo & Symposium at the Marriott Irvine Spectrum in Irvine, CA. Students had the opportunity to learn about new developments in dental digital technology as well as useful tips about its resiliency and profitability.

Interesting lectures about one of the most popular material we use in dentistry, zirconia and how to best process it to maximize results. We enjoyed our experience at the CAD-CAM Symposium and are excited about the future of the Dental Prosthetic Industry. going and how we What was most valuable out of this experience, are the tips collected in how to become successful in the Dental Industry.


Open House

Dental Prosthetic Technology has open house on July 9, Tuesday 

 in Science and Technology Building 3rd floor, SCI 307

Come to our open house and learn more about this profession!

for more information, check out our open house flyer!


Aspen Dental 

Aspen Dental representatives visited the Dental Prosthetic Technology Department and shared information about the company and their employment opportunities as well as their personal experience as Dental Technologists.Aspen Dental is formed by a team of Dentists and Dental Technologists who are dedicated to provide excellent patient care through compassion and respect. Aspen is a fast growing company that has over 700 dental centers nationwide.

Aspen Dental visits LACC DPT

Dental Photography

Dr. Miguel Ortiz, A graduate of LACC Dental Prosthetic Technology program had a Dental Photography course on May 25th for DPT students and doctors. It was a great time of learning how to take a  dental photo.
Dr.Ortiz Dental Photography

A repaired smile, before and after. The photo is an actual case made by an LACC Dental Technology graduate.
Dental Prosthetic Technology

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