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TEDxLACC: Bridges Across

Friday, June 8, 2018 at 02:00 PM

What is TEDxLACC?

We've seen TED Talks online, and now's our chance to watch some live! TEDxLACC is an independently organized TED conference taking place in The Camino Theater. 

Get inspired by eye-opening ideas, network with curious minds, enjoy a bite to eat, and witness visual and performance masterpieces by LACC students! 

Together, we'll bring "Ideas Worth Spreading" to life on our campus!  

Join Us!

Embark on a journey of curiosity and excitement. Don’t just watch another TED or TEDx video. Experience an authentic multidisciplinary TEDx event live!

The theme for this second TEDxLACC event is "Bridges Across"

Bridges across speaks to the idea that innovation happens together. When we share ideas, first in our own communities, we build bridges to greater ones and connect with people around the world. Doing so gives us better insight on humanity and leads the way in tackling some of our planet’s most pressing issues. 

With this conference, we hope to showcase enlightening ideas from some amazing Los Angelenos and to inspire our fellow community members to build their own figurative bridges to higher learning.

Join us. Take part in crossing the bridge to discovery at TEDxLACC!

The event includes:
  • 10 Live Speakers
  • Live Performances
  • Food
  • Interactive Intermission

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Event location: The Camino Theatre
Price: $25

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