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Graduation Requirements


The Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges has authorized the Los Angeles Community College District Board of Trustees to confer the degrees of Associate in Arts and Associate in Science. The awarding of an Associate Degree symbolizes a successful attempt on the part of the college to lead students through patterns of learning experiences designed to develop certain capabilities and insights. Among these are the ability to think and to communicate clearly and effectively both orally and in writing, to use mathematics, to understand the modes of inquiry of the major disciplines, to be aware of other cultures and times, to achieve insights gained through experience in thinking about ethical problems, and to develop the capacity of self-understanding. In addition to these accomplishments, the student should possess sufficient depth in some field of knowledge to contribute to lifetime interest.

General Graduation Requirements

A “continuing student” is one who has completed a minimum of one course per calendar year. Students who interrupt their attendance become subject to any new requirements which are in effect at the time they re- enroll.

  1. Unit Requirement. 60 to 64 units of course credit in a selected curriculum. One credit hour of community college work is approximately three hours of recitation, study, or laboratory work per week throughout a term of 16 weeks.
  2. Scholarship Requirement. A “C” (2.0) grade average or better in all work attempted.
  3. Competency Requirement. Students must demonstrate competence in reading, in written expression, and in mathematics. The following courses and examinations are approved to meet the competency requirement for the Associate Degree as defined in Board Rule 6201.12.
    1. Reading and Written Comprehension:
      1. Competence in Reading and Written Expression shall be demonstrated by achieving a grade of “C” or better in English 101 or its equivalent at another college.
      2. In meeting the Reading and Written Expression competency requirement, course work is the primary measure of competency. However, competency may be met through credit-by-examination as determined by the college.
    2. The competency requirement in mathematics may be met by:
      1. Competency in Mathematics shall be demonstrated by achieving in Math 125 or Math 124A and 124B or higher or its equivalent at another college.
      2. The competency requirement in Mathematics may also be met by completing an assessment and achieving a score determined to be comparable to satisfactory completion of Math 125 - Intermediate Algebra. That is, students may place into mathematics courses above the level of intermediate algebra or may achieve a satisfactory score on a competency exam or other approved exam.
  4. Residence Requirement. Completion of at least 12 units or work in residence and attendance at the college during the semester in which the graduation requirements are completed. Exceptions may be made under special circumstances.
  5. Course Requirements. Students who are majoring in programs of study for which 18-35 units are required in the major and/or are planning to transfer should complete Graduation Requirements “Plan A.” Students who are majoring in programs of study for which 36 or more units are required in the major and may not plan to transfer should complete Graduation Requirements “Plan B.” Students who are following Graduation Requirements “Plan B” and plan to transfer should select the eighteen units for graduation requirements from Graduation Requirements “Plan A” to ensure all the courses for the Graduation Requirements transfer.

Transfer vs. Career Education Programs

Los Angeles City College offers over 115 degree and certificate programs in areas including the Arts, Business, Child Development, Cinema/Television, Cultural Studies, Computer Science, English, Foreign Languages, Health Care, Journalism, Law, Liberal Arts, Math, Psychology, Computer Applications & Office Technologies and more. Associate Degree programs designated as “Transfer Program” are designed for students planning to transfer to four-year universities and colleges as juniors. Students are urged to consult with one of our counselors to plan their academic programs and ensure successful transfer.

Associate Degree programs designated “Career Program” are designed to prepare the student to enter occupational and technical fields upon graduation. Students interested in Career Programs who also plan to attend a four-year university, immediately after graduation or at a later point, should consult with one of our counselors on what other courses may be required to successfully transfer. Our Career Education programs also include certificate programs which require fewer general education courses.

LACC General Education Pattern for Associate Degree 2016-2017

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