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Admissions & Records

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I'm having a problem with my campus email, where can I go for help?

First, follow the instructions on LACCD Email System. If unsuccessful, we highly recommend that you visit the campus Welcome Center located in the Student Services Building. A staff member will assist to resolve your campus email problem.

2. The student portal will not allow me to register for a course that I had previously          repeated three times in the past. What should I do?

To enroll in a course for the fourth time, a student must complete a Fourth Attempt Petition Form and submit to the Admissions and Records within the specified deadlines. 

3. When I register for a course, I get a message stating that I have not met the course     prerequisite even though already completed it. How can I resolve this issue? 

If you receive a message stating that you have not met the prerequisite, but you either successfully completed the course at LACCD or took the assessment for that prerequisite or did a prerequisite challenge, you should comlete a Course Request Card/Prerequisite Override and submit to the Admissions and Records office with your Student ID. The Course Request Card/Prerequisite Override can be picked up at the Admissions & Records Office.

4. How can I pay for enrollment fees, tuition, parking, health, and other college fees?

The most convenient way to pay your student fees is online with your Student Information System (SIS) portal.

You may also pay your fees in person at the college Business Office during business hours. The college Business Office can accept cash and money order/cashier checks only. For all in-person payments, you will need to provide your student ID number and a driver's license. If you must pay in person on campus by credit card, you may do so by using a computer workstation in the Welcome Center located on the first floor of the Student Services Building.

5. How can I add a class on my student portal using a mobile or tablet device?

You will need to download and install the new App for the LACCD Student Information System (SIS). It's called "" and it is now available free for Android in the Play Store and iPhone in the Apple Store.

You can do just about everything on this mobile App that you can do on the SIS Portal. Log in with your same user name and password. The App works for all colleges in our district, so choose Los Angeles City College as your default school when prompted.

6. Will I be dropped from my classes for non-payment of fees?

The implementation of enrollment cancellation due to non-payment of fees in the new Student Information System has been postponed until the SUMMER 2018 semester. For the SPRING 2018 semester, students will not be dropped from their classes for non-payment of fees owed to the college.

7. Can a Withdrawal (W) be removed from my permanent record?

Under normal circumstances, a Withdrawal (W) cannot be removed on a student’s permanent record. However, the student may petition to have a Withdrawal (W) be removed if a student withdrew from the course under any of the following circumstances:

  • Discriminatory treatment
  • Retaliation for alleging discriminatory treatment
  • Remaining in the course would subject the student to discriminatory treatment

​​If a student wishes to petition the removal of a Withdrawal (W) based on the above circumstances, a General Petition form with supporting documentation must be submitted to Admissions and Records. (Title 5, C.C.R., Section 55024 (a) (8))

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