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Admissions & Records

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Admission Forms

Online Application
The online application is the most effective way to submit an application. We will send registration information to your email address.

Academic Renewal Petition
Used to remove grades of D or F from your grade point average without repeating the class.

Audit Enrollment Request
Used to enroll into a class as an auditor with instructor permission. 

California AB 540 Non-Resident Tuition Exemption Request
SB68 expands AB 540 to enable students to count years spend at a California Community College and Adult School towards AB 540 eligibility

Certification of Homeless Status
Form to verify homeless status

Duplicate Diploma Request
Used to request a second printing of your diploma.

Fourth Attempt Petition
Students who wish to repeat a course for a 4th time must complete and submit this form.

General Petition
Used to request changes to your permanent record, or submit an online General Petition form.

General Petition for AB 705 Request
Used for enrollment into English or Math per AB 705.

Graduation Petition
Used to petition for an Associate degree.

Home College Petition
Used to petition change of home college, educational goal and program plan (major)

Honors List Certificate Request
Used to request printing of the Dean's and President's Honors List certificate.

K-12 Student Application
Required of K-12 students. A new form is needed every semester.

Pass/No Pass Grading Petition
For use during the COVID-19 crisis to adjust grading method.

Prerequisite Challenge Petition
This form to be used if you are requesting an academic department exemption to a prerequisite. Academic Department Chair approval and signature required.

Readmission Petition
This petition is to be used only by students who have been dismissed from the college at least one year ago and wish to be readmitted to the colleges of the Los Angeles Community College District.

Repeated Class Petition
Used to request grades of D or F be removed from your grade point calculation when you have repeated the class. Only classes repeated within the Los Angeles Community College District are eligible.

Supplemental Residency Questionnaire Form

Time Conflict Enrollment Form

Transcript Request Form

Verification of Enrollment Request Form

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 Report a Problem

If you are experiencing issues with the Student Information System (SIS) student portal, you may report your problem by completing this form.

 Submit a General Petition

Request a change to your permanent record by submitting a General Petition Form.

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