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Information Technology (IT)

Word Tips

Word Shortcuts

  • Highlight/select a section of a document. Click at the beginning of the section you want to select. While holding the mouse button pressed, move to end of the section. Then, release.
  • Highlight/select the whole document.    Ctrl + A
  • Copy a selected area.    Ctrl + C
  • Paste copied area.    Ctrl + V
Counting the Number of Words

If you want to know the number of words in a document or section of a document.

  • Highlight the section you want to count.
    (If you do not select any section of the document, the count will be for the whole document)
  • Click on the Tools menu, select Word Count.
  • A window with the word count will open.
  • You can include the footnotes and endnotes.
    Notice that in the example below, only two of the four lines were highlighted.
Counting Words in Documents