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Read&Write - Take-Home Version

Read&Write (R&W) is a literacy software toolbar designed for reading, writing, study, and research support. It helps to create and access content with a personalized learning experience. R&W also includes speech-to-text to assist with typing, and OCR (optical character recognition) capabilities for scanned articles or inaccessible websites.

It’s free to LACC students and employees. Los Angeles City College has a software license that allows to have R&W at no cost.

Features include:

  • Hear web pages and documents read aloud with choice of natural voices. Increase your reading speed and comprehension. It reads text aloud to you while it highlights.
  • Understand unfamiliar words with text and picture dictionaries. It provides vocabulary list builders, word translation and much more.
  • Develop writing skills with word prediction. Makes it easy to proofread your papers with verb checkers and homophone spell checkers. You can even create study guides and convert them to MP3 files.
  • Support independent student research with valuable study skills tools. Improve your research, writing, studying and test taking skills.
  • Works well with familiar applications such as Microsoft Office
  • Includes powerful teacher support tools

For Training on how to use Read & Write and its many features please visit the Texthelp Training Portal.

For more information on RWG please contact Donna Morley at 323-953-4000, ext. 2276.

If you need help using or installing Read&Write, email You must use your official campus email address.

If you are an LACC employee, submit a ticket requesting approval to use Read&Write. You must use your official campus email address.


Direct Install (All Operating Systems, Prefered Version)
Windows USB Take-Home v.12



Direct Install
(All Operating Systems, Prefered Version)

  1. This version installs directly to your computer.
  2. Go to
  3. Click on “Download Now”, select your computer’s OS to download the software.
  4. Install the downloaded software.
  5. On first use, to verify that you have the right to use the software, Sign in with Microsoft using your campus email ( or and SIS password.


Windows USB Take-Home v.12

The USB Read&Write Take-Home version runs from a USB flash drive.

You will need:
  1. A USB flash drive (Minimum 4 GB).
  2. An official campus email address. Know your LACCD student email ( or your LACCD employee email (, and Email (SIS) password.
Installing Read&Write

Before you start, plug in the USB flash drive to your computer (desktop or laptop). Go to File Explorer to find out what letter was assigned to your USB flash drive. To avoid confusions, you might want to unplug all other USB drives.

  1. Download Read&Write - Take Home Version for Windows (
    1. The "" file will be downloaded to your Download folder.
    2. Move the zip file to your Desktop.
  2. Unzip Read&Write Take-Home Installer.
    1. Make sure your USB flash drive is plugged into your computer.
    2. Right click on "" file, and select "Extract All...". A folder called "rwusbsetup" that contains the installer "rwusbsetup.exe" will be created.
  3. Create the USB Read&Write Take-Home Version.
    1. Double click on "rwusbsetup.exe". The Read&Write USB Setup window will open.
    2. Select "I accept the User Terms". Click Next.
    3. Select "US". Click Next.
    4. Make sure to select the correct letter assigned to your USB Flash drive. Click Next.
    5. Click OK to start copying the files to the USB flash drive. This will take a few minutes; be patient. Make sure to DO NOT unplug the USB drive.
    6. When you get a popup saying that Read&Write copied successfully. Click OK. The Read&Write USB Setup window will close.
  4. Authenticate that you are authorized to use Read&Write Take-Home version.
    1. Go File Explorer, and open the USB flash drive.
    2. Double click on "Read&Write.exe".
    3. Read&Write will open.
    4. Click on any Read&Write button, and the Authentication window will open.
    5. Click "Sign in with Microsoft".
      • If you are a student, authenticate using your email. Click Next.
      • If you are an  employee, authenticate using your email. If your email is there, select it. Click Next.
      • If not, click "Use another account". Type your email. Click Next.
    6. On the next window, type your email ( or and login using your SIS password. Click Sign in.
    7. Click Accept to use this software, and start using Read&Write.