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Information Technology (IT)

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Attention Faculty & Staff

In order to meet current demands the following guidelines have been put in place:

  • All requests for IT services will be accepted by email only. IT contact information is noted below. Walk-in service will not be available until further notice. 
  • IT requests will be addressed in the order they were received.
  • If you need to drop-off equipment for service please make an appointment by contacting the IT office.
  • If you need to pick-up equipment, you can do so at the Sheriff’s office located on campus.
    • You will need  a copy of the email sent to you from IT that indicates your equipment is ready for pick-up.
    • Please be prepared to complete any paperwork for equipment that is new to you.
    • Hours for pick-up are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm weekdays.

IT Contact Information:

Email Request for Service:

LACC IT Overview

Welcome to LACC! This page will give you an overview of the basic IT tools and information you will need to start working.


Los Angeles City College has several networks for different types of users:

  • Employee Network: This is the network used by LACC Employees (faculty, staff and student workers). Computers found in offices and other work spaces are typically part of the Employee Network. Your employee network account is also used to logon into Academic Affairs ( and to remote into campus computers.
    • If you are a LACCD employee assigned to LACC, your Employee Network accounts is created automatically when your assignment starts.
  • Academic Network: This is the student network. Computers in Student Labs, and classroom podiums are part of the Academic Network. Your academic account is also used to log into the Library’s eBooks, periodicals, and databases.
    • Student Academic accounts are created automatically three days after you enroll for the current semester. Student Academic accounts are deleted automatically at the end of each semester.
    • Faculty Academic accounts are created automatically when the faculty member’s first section assignment starts.
    • Most staff don’t need an Academic Network account. If you need an Academic Network account, ask your supervisor to request it for you by entering a Work Request using the SAP Portal.
  • Student Information System (SIS): The SIS account is used to log into the Student Information System, and the local Wireless (Wi-Fi) Network. There are student, and employee SIS accounts.
  • Wireless (WiFi) Network: The Wireless connection is available in most areas of the campus. Use your SIS account (student, or employee) to Logon into the wireless network (LACC-Students, or LACC-Employees).
  • SAP Portal: All employees (faculty, staff, and student workers) have an LACCD SAP Portal account to access the Employee Self-Service system (ESS). ESS allows you to see and manage some of your personal information such as your address for paycheck mailing and insurance information among others. It is also used to create Work Request for different areas. To authorized users, the LACCD Portal also gives access to the Personnel Change Request system (PCR) and Business Warehouse (BW).

Note:  Employee Network, Academic Network, SIS and SAP Portal accounts are different accounts even if their usernames might look the same. Because they are different accounts, their passwords will be different unless you change them individually to be the same.

If you have any technical inquiry or problem, contact the IT Help Desk at extension 2049.

If you need training or information about any of the LACC/LACCD systems, check on the IT Help Page for information.  If the information is not there, contact the Teaching Learning Center office at extension 2480.

Employee Numbers

The following is additional information about employee number and the assignment number(s).

  • Employee numbers are assigned by the LACCD District Office and not by individual campuses.
  • Each employee receives one unique employee number. This number will not change.
  • Employees will have one assignment number for each work assignment they receive.
  • Employee numbers and assignment numbers are different things.
  • If you do not know your employee number, go to the Personnel Office, Administration Building Room 213.

Before the Human Resources transition to SAP, Employee numbers had 6 digits. Now all the employee numbers have 8 digits. This is called the 8-digit employee number.

Two leading zeros were added to the old 6 digit numbers to be converted to 8 digits.

  • example: 779565 --> 00779565

The Employee numbers created after the transition to SAP are 8 digits and start with 01.

  • example:  01455124

When talking, most people ignore the leading zeros. If asked by an IT representative for your 8-digit employee number, please add zeros to the front to make it 8 digits.
8-digit number  --- People say
00779565 --- 6 digits: 779565
01455124 --- 7 digits: 1455124

If you are asked to enter your Employee number, make sure to use the number zero and not the letter "o".

Mission Statement:

The mission of Information Technology is to deliver high quality technical leadership, resources, and services to students, faculty and staff in support of the college mission.

LACC/LACCD Electronic Information Resources Use Policy

Please Note:  By using any of the LACC/LACCD systems you agree to the LACC/LACCD Electronic Information Resources Policy (B-27) summarized below.

Electronic information resources at Los Angeles City College are to be used in a manner that supports the educational mission of the college. The Los Angeles City College mission and values encourage teaching and learning, research, creativity, collaboration and the free exchange of ideas in a climate of openness and respect.

Los Angeles City College owns, operates and maintains a computer network system including E-Mail, Internet connections, and a website. Specific Web Site Standards, Guidelines, Forms, and Procedures help all users maintain coherence, accuracy, and quality across the college's website. Electronic information resources include, but are not limited to, electronic hardware and software and related communications systems such as e-mail, voice mail, web pages, electronic bulletin boards, fax transmissions and teleconferencing.

In general, the same ethical and professional conduct that applies to other college activities applies to the use of electronic information resources. Users must show respect for college property, the learning environment, and bear responsibility for their actions. The Los Angeles Community College District B-27 defines appropriate ethical and professional conduct for electronic information users. In addition, B-28 define network security policies and procedures. The college's network system is not to be used for private enterprise.

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