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Online Education

Online Learning Readiness Assessment

Click here to take the online quiz and decide if online learning is right for you!


84% - 100%

You will probably be successful in an online course. See your counselor to enroll.

You seem to realize that online courses require a considerable amount of time and you are willing to spend it. You have a great studying environment with minimum distractions. You finish all projects you start and are persistent in reaching your goals. You seem to learn very easily, have good problem-solving skills and feel very comfortable using online communications and discussing course topics with people you have never seen. All these are very important qualities for successful online learning, and you seem to be fully prepared to take charge of your own learning process. The fact that you consistently do things in advance and keep track of all your assignments also bodes well for your success in online learning. It looks like you are a very experienced computer user, and shouldn’t have any problems accessing or interacting with the online course.

66% - 83%

You seem to be well-organized. Good organization and time management skills are very important for online learning, as you will have to work independently much of the time. You are prepared to pace yourself, figure out things on your own and communicate with people in writing. You generally seem to realize that taking an online course is more time consuming and requires more study discipline than a face-to-face class. Overall, you will probably do fairly well in an online course, with a little extra effort on your part.

35% - 65%

It looks like you might work better when external organization is imposed on you. While this may work just fine in a face-to-face class, an online class requires more independence in setting and following work goals and deadlines. In an online course you will have to pace yourself and figure out things on your own or with sometimes limited assistance from the instructor. As far as time management, you may want to develop a strategy for keeping yourself on track, such as keeping a written record of your tasks and allocating certain hours to work on each task. To become a successful online learner you may also want to improve your basic learning skills, such as reading, listening, writing, and problem solving. Based on your answers about your technical readiness, it seems that you are not very comfortable using the computer for learning. The ability to keep your computer up-to date, search the Internet and download files is very important for successful online learning. To improve your basic computer and Internet skills, you can find resources. Overall, it looks like you need to improve either your technology skills or your learning skills before you try an online course. You may want to wait with online learning till you have gained more experience with studying and time management.

0 - 35%

From your answers, it looks like your time management skills and study habits (such as keeping yourself on track, meeting deadlines and working independently) need to be improved before you can be successful in online learning. If you feel that you have trouble learning new information, are not comfortable with written communication and participation in online discussions, or are not used to solving problems on your own, you may reconsider your decision to take an online course, as it usually provides less support from the instructor, than it may be necessary for you. Regarding your technical readiness, you don’t appear to have many of the necessary technical tools to take an online course and don’t seem to be very comfortable surfing and searching the online resources. The complete list of hardware and software required for online learning may vary slightly by course. Overall, it looks like at this point you might be more successful in a course that meets face-to-face, where you can have more support for your learning. You might try an online course when you have gained more experience with computer and study skills and time-management.

Hopefully this survey has helped you assess whether or not you want to enroll in an online course at this time.

No matter what you scored, remember that online learning is not easy. Your online teacher will demand at least the same quality of work, as they would receive from you in a face-to-face classroom. A similar number of hours per week will need to be committed for an online course as there would be in a face-to-face course. (Most courses include 3 hours of in class work and at least 2 hours of homework for each hour in class for a total of 9 hours each week. An online course requires 9-15 hours of time each week to be successful).

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