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Zoom Training & Info

Zoom is a cloud-based video communications app that allows you to set up virtual video and audio conferencing, webinars, live chats, screen-sharing, and other collaborative capabilities. LACCD employees can setup free zoom accounts. 

Configure your Zoom account to work with your Canvas account

First, setup your account

Then, go to account settings in Canvas and make sure you have selected your email address as your preferred contact info (...not your email address). An email other than may create Zoom access problems for you. 

Review this detailed Faculty Zoom User Guide for step-by-step instructions in order to create a new Zoom account for the first time, or to be sure your Zoom account is properly configured.

Zoom Meeting Archives and Reports

Zoom has made some changes to how long meeting archives and usage reports are available. Under "Meetings" in your Zoom account, the "Previous" tab shows a list of your past meetings.

Now, the Previous tab will include only meetings up to 30 days old. Meetings older than 30 days will disappear from the Previous tab on your Zoom account page. This does not affect any Zoom recordings only the list of your previous meetings.

Why might this be important? Once a meeting falls off the Previous tab, the usage report of that meeting also disappears. If you're keeping attendance, the usage reports are attendance records that you may want to keep. If they disappear after 30 days, that could be problematic.

What can you do about this? If you set up a meeting as recurring (for example, as repeating every Monday), your meeting information and usage report will be saved for a year rather than 30 days.

Another thing you can do is download/export your usage reports to have a record of meeting attendees on your own computer. Here's how:

  1. Log into
  2. Go to "Reports."
  3. Click on "Usage."
  4. Enter a range of dates.
  5. Click on the number that appears in the "Participants" column.
  6. Check the "Export with Meeting Data" box.
  7. Click the blue "Export" button to download the file onto your computer.
  8. (Do this for each meeting within 30 days of its completion.)

Zoom Guides

For assistance contact