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Example of Body Paragraph

The below are examples of thesis body paragraphs.

Main idea of the paragraph is introduced

In compliance wth his capitalist ideology, Traynor believes that the meaning of Gracie Mae's song can be bought. From a self-cleaning oven to a new house, Traynor tries to bribe Gracie Mae with gifts. Yet, Traynor makes sure that he maintains his white supremist capitalist position. Traynor best exemplifies this capitalist ideology when he describes the house he bought Gracie Mae.

Quote is introduced

Traynor says, "This [house] I bought for you is just like mine. Only a little smaller (Walker, 2318). Traynor's statement, "only a little smaller," not only reflects the size of the house, but also the inferior way he views Gracie Mae. The fee Traynor pays Gracie Mae for her song provides another example of his capitalist views. While Gracie Mae receives $1,000.00 for her song, Traynor profits $1,000.00 a day. Moreover, while Gracie Mae has the modern convenience of a self-cleaning oven, Traynor has maids to clean his kitchen.

Concluding sentence ties back to the main idea of the paragraph

Thus, Traynor enforces Gracie Mae's lower socio-economic position and operates comfortably in his capitalist realm of buying and selling.

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