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Student Profile - Fall 2018

Total Students:

15,392​ Credit Students
3,882​ Noncredit Students


57.7% of Students are Female
42.2% of Students are Male

6.3%​ of Students are African American
11.7%​ of Students are Asian / Pacific Islander
0.2% of Students are American indian
54.3% of Students are Hispanic / Latino
13.5% of Students are White
1.7% of Students are two or more races
12.4% Other / Unknown


27.2% of Students are Under 20
26.4% of Students are 20 to 24 years old
26.1% of Students are 25 to 34 years old
15.1% of Students are 35 to 54 years old
5.2% of Students are 55 and older

Educational Goals:

46.4% of Students want to Transfer to a Four Year University
8.1% of Students want to Achieve an AA / Vocational Degree
6.0% of Students are interested in College Prep
14.3% of Students are interested in Career or Workforce Education
5.4% of Students want to Earn Four Year College Credit
3.1% of Students are here for Personal Development
16.7% Undecided / Unknown

Study Load:

26.6% of Students take 12 Units or more each semester
30.0% of Students take 6 to 11 Units each semester
43.4% of Students take 5 Units or less each semester

Quick Facts:

45.3% of Students are First Generation College Students
57.0% of Students Recieve Financial Aid
91.5% of Students are U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents

Languages Spoken on Campus:

72.9% of Students speak English at home
10.3% of Students speak Spanish at home
4.9% of Students speak Armenian at home
3.3% of Students speak Korean at home
2.0% of Students speak Russian at home

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