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President Mary Gallagher

This Week @ City

Originally Published: 6/17/2019

News and Events for the week of June 17

Good Monday Morning:

We are getting our summer off to a great start! As of Wednesday of last week, our enrollment for Summer was even at 100% of last year. We expect to be up by about 1% once we get all of our dual enrollment entered this week. For Fall, as of last Wednesday, our enrollment was up by 7%. WE need to capitalize on the interest our community has in returning to LACC. If you see anyone around campus that looks as if they need help, be sure to send them to our Welcome Center, located on the first floor of the Student Services building.

Enrollment and Budget

Enrollment for year-end 2018-19 is projected to be about 1% below last year. We consider that a very good achievement because it is the first time in several years that we did not experience a major enrollment decline. We are still working to make our way back to our funded enrollment level of 2016-17. Last week’s enrollment numbers seem to be showing that our enrollment is beginning to come up. Over the next two years, we need to see a recovery of 5% per year to make it back to our 2016-17 enrollment level.

We will balance our budget again this year. We do not expect to have a substantial ending balance this year – it will likely be below $100,000. We invested in staffing and other resources to get our name back out to our community and we have seen a positive response. LACC deans and managers are working with their departments to finalize operational budget needs to 2019-20. 

Friday’s Classified Retreat

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Classified Professional Development Day last Friday. More than 100 staff members attended. The Retreat started with an art exercise that was well-received by staff. Then work began with groups planning a Staff Welcome Week for students. There will be a continuation of this Retreat at our Classified Staff Retreat on Friday, July 19th. Thank you to all who participated.

Pop-up Food Pantry (On Monday and Thursday)

Please be sure your students know that our Pop-up Food Pantry, located in front of the Student Union, continues to distribute at about 10:30am until around 12:30pm, or until the food is gone.

Registered Nursing Student Information Session

On Thursday (6/20) 4pm in SCI 111 Registered Nursing will hold a student information session. Students can RSVP at, for more information please contact

Spend Summer in the City

We are in our second week of Summer Session. If any students need help, please send them to the newly renovated Welcome Center located on the first floor of the Student Services building. Check out our website for a complete list of open classes for the second summer session.

View Open Classes for Summer

For Faculty & Staff - LACC Picnic – Mark Your Calendars

We are bringing back the LACC picnic. It is set for Thursday, August 8 from 12noon to 4pm at Crystal Springs in Griffith Park. The picnic is free and you are welcome to bring your family. We will have both Pink’s Hot Dogs and In-and-Out there to satisfy whatever your taste. We will have games, prizes, and a whole lot of fun.

As we go into our second week of the summer session, let’s keep enrolling students in our amazing Los Angeles City College… the City’s College.

Have a great week,

Mary Gallagher

Los Angeles City College | 855 N. Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles California 90029


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