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Update for Spring and Summer Classes

Originally Published: 4/13/2020

All spring 2020 classes will remain remote through the end of the semester. Summer classes to be offered remotely. Updated info on the Pass/No Pass grading option announced for students.

Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) Chancellor Francisco C. Rodriguez, Ph.D., today announced that in response to the ongoing COVID-19 health emergency, the District’s Spring 2020 classes at all nine colleges will continue in remote platforms for the remainder of the semester currently scheduled to end June 8, 2020. Summer session classes scheduled to begin June 15, 2020, as well as student support services and most of the District’s business operations, will be conducted in similar remote environments.

The colleges include Los Angeles City College, East Los Angeles College, Los Angeles Harbor College, Los Angeles Mission College, Los Angeles Pierce College, Los Angeles Southwest College, Los Angeles Trade-Technical College, Los Angeles Valley College and West Los Angeles College. Today’s announcement also includes the District’s office in Downtown Los Angeles, its Van de Kamp Innovation Center in Los Angeles and the South Gate Campus of East Los Angeles College.

LACCD faculty and staff will continue to ensure effective remote learning and teaching; student support services; administrative and business services for the 150,000 students and personnel involved in the Spring 2020 semester who are impacted by the changes as a result of the District’s emergency response, Chancellor Rodriguez said.

The District temporarily halted all in-classroom instruction March 15-29 due to the health emergency to shift as many classes as possible to remote learning platforms. The historic shift also included moving student support services, administrative and business operations to remote, online platforms—as well as the professional development training of more than 2,000 faculty and 2,000 staff for their remote instruction and operations that began March 30.

An updated review of classes shifted to remote platforms determined that less than five percent could not be transferred into remote instruction and another four percent cannot be completed without in-person instruction for grading and other hands-on course requirements, such as theater stage production and lighting classes, laboratory course work and nursing classes. These classes will continue to be postponed through the end of the Spring Semester, but they are not cancelled. No decision has been made on the status of these classes for the summer session.

“We are working with faculty and staff to develop a plan for returning these important classes as soon as possible to the colleges in a safe learning environment,” Chancellor Rodriguez said. “We know these classes are an important part of the education goals for many of our students. We understand their concerns and share them. We will keep our students informed when decisions are made.”

Summer Session Info Announced

New and returning students are reminded that summer session classes will be offered only through remote learning platforms. For current LACCD students, a tiered priority registration schedule for summer classes begins Monday, May 4, 2020, through Sunday, May 17. Open enrollment for all begins Monday, May 18 and remains open until the summer session begins, June 15. If the current emergency situation changes and the District can safely resume in-person instruction, additional classes may be added.

Existing students will be notified of their registration timelines via messages from the student portal, If students need password, login or navigation help on the student portal they can call the LACCD Student Help Line toll free number at (844) 695-2223, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Pass – No Pass Grading Guidance for Students

The California Community College Chancellor’s Office Executive Order issued on March 27 waives timelines and other restrictions related to students’ abilities to request Pass/No Pass (P/NP) as a grading option.

For the Spring 2020 term, LACCD will lift the restriction on the number of courses/units students can take for P/NP. These courses will not count towards the maximum number of P/NP limits applied to a certificate or degree, including major courses. All classes can be taken either as graded or as P/NP. Courses already designated as P/NP remain P/NP only. Read the full letter to students online from the LACCD Office of Educational Programs & Institutional Effectiveness.

The deadline to petition for a grade basis change to Pass/No Pass status is also the last day to drop a course with a W/EW. The timing for this important deadline varies with the course taken. All students are strongly encouraged to speak with an Academic Counselor now to discuss their options and the impact it may have on their academic standing, admissions, financial aid and transfer to a CSU, UC or private universities. To chat with an Academic Counselor or an Admissions Representative, click on the “Online Counseling & Live Chat” tile on your student portal homepage.

Guidance for Students in Classes that Will Not be Resuming Remotely

Students enrolled in postponed classes will continue to be enrolled in these classes until they can be safely completed. No further action by students is required to complete these classes at this time. Students enrolled in these classes are advised to maintain contact with their instructors.

If a student decides to drop classes as a result of the COVID-19 Coronavirus, the District will make sure academic records are not negatively impacted per the State Chancellor’s Office. This will include the use of excused withdrawals, which do not impact GPA for transfer or degree purposes. There is no need to make a request for this action. The colleges will automatically convert a withdrawal (W) to an excused withdrawal (EW). This will also trigger a refund to student, if applicable. Students are advised to drop any class by the last day available to drop through the student portal and mark the drop with a “W.”Additional information is being posted to the District’s website at -- including updated Frequently Asked Questions, and the main social media accounts, Facebook and Twitter. Statewide information for the California Community Colleges.

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