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LACCD Officials Applaud Mayor Garcetti’s Announcement to Expand the L.A. College Promise for Second-year Tuition

Originally Published: 4/18/2018

The L.A. College Promise of free tuition for the first year will expand to cover the second year of tuition for full-time students who are already participating in the Los Angeles Community College District (LACCD) program and plan to return for the Fall 2018 semester.

Extending the L.A. College Promise program into the second year was announced today by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti during his State of the City Address (link below). In 2017, Mayor Garcetti announced the start of the L.A. College Promise program which guaranteed the first year of free tuition for all high school seniors graduating from the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) who then enrolled full time at one of LACCD’s nine colleges.

LACCD Chancellor Francisco C. Rodriguez, Ph.D., today praised Mayor Garcetti’s announcement and his on-going commitment to higher education in Los Angeles. “The dream of a college education is alive and well in Los Angeles thanks to the L.A. College Promise, but Mayor Garcetti’s announcement for free, second-year tuition is a real game-changer that will keep students on the path to graduate with a two-year degree, transfer to a four-year college or earn a workforce certificate,” Chancellor Rodriguez said.

Mike Fong, President of the LACCD Board of Trustees, also commended Mayor Garcetti. “Mayor Garcetti's vision and leadership for higher education are extraordinary. We are grateful for his promise to the L.A. Promise and for embracing the hopes and aspirations of thousands of students throughout Los Angeles.”

Last year, the L.A. College Promise program helped spark a 40-percent increase in enrollment by LAUSD graduates into LACCD colleges. Currently, the program is completing its first academic year (Fall 2017-Spring 2018) with more than 4,000 students from LAUSD who are receiving tuition fee waivers and LA College Promise assistance.

The program is a strategic, multi-partner educational and philanthropic endeavor involving
LACCD, Mayor Garcetti, the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles, the Foundation for the Los Angeles Community Colleges, the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce and the LAUSD. The program is primarily funded by the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles and the Foundation for the Los Angeles Community Colleges. For more information about the LACCD foundation, contact Michael Fuller, Director of Institutional Advancement, (213) 891-2376,

The first-year L.A. College Promise student enrollees had to enroll full time at an LACCD college beginning in Fall 2017, taking between 12 to 15 units per semester. They also had to participate in summer transition sessions; take a structured schedule including required English and math classes and participate in success coaching. Those who enrolled under the program and who plan to return for their second year in Fall 2018 will now be eligible for a second year of free tuition.

In 2017, the passage of AB19 means first-year, full-time community college students throughout California are now eligible for free tuition beginning in September 2018, similar to the LACCD program. The Mayor’s announcement, however, keeps Los Angeles at the forefront of the community college tuition conversation.

Garcetti said the L.A. College Promise program is so good, the state followed with the California College Promise (AB19).

“Los Angeles leads this state, just like this state leads the nation,” Garcetti said during his State of the City address. “L.A. sees you, California, and we raise you.”

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