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Academic Departments

Additional information on our academic departments, course offerings, and degree and certificate paths is available in the LACC Catalog.

Department Office & Hours Chair Extension

Business Administration
Accounting, Business, Finance, Management, Marketing, Real Estate

AD 304

Monday - Thursday: 
1pm - 4pm, 5:30pm - 7pm

R. Britt Hastey 2549

Chemistry / Earth Sciences 
Chemistry, Earth Science, Geography, Geology, Oceanography

SCI 324 Michael Farrell 2600

Child & Family Studies / Dietetics

CD 201

Monday & Wednesday:
9:30am - 3:30pm
Tuesday & Thursday:
9:30am - 6pm

Keli Miller 2290

Cinema / TV

CC 181

Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday:
1pm - 7pm

Joni Varner 2627

Communication Studies

CC 187 M. "Shae" Hsieh 2964

Community Classes
Workshops, seminars, excursions, recreational and other offerings to all members of the community

AD 112

Monday - Friday:
12noon - 7pm
8am - 3pm

(Vacant) 2651

Counseling Courses
Assisting students in learning strategies that will improve academic performance

SSB 226

Monday - Thursday:
8:30am - 5pm
8:30am - 2pm

Luisa Cortez-Ortiz 2250

Dental Technology

SCI 324 Arax S. Cohen 2500

English / ESL

JH 301

Monday - Thursday:
10am - 6:30pm

Dr. Bernadette Tchen 2700

Kinesiology / Health / Dance

KIN 216

Monday - Thursday:
12:10pm - 12:30pm

Aykanush Gevanyan 2663

Law / Administration of Justice

HH 200 Wilhelm Vargas 2754

Learning Skills
Instructional assistance in English and Math

MLK Library 103

Monday, & Wednesday:
10am - 4pm
Tuesday, & Thursday:
10am - 7pm



Library Science
Learning Library research methods

MLK Library 114

Monday - Thursday:
7:30am - 9:00pm
7:30am - 4:00pm

Barbara Vasquez 2400

Life Sciences 
Anatomy, Biology, Microbiology, Physiology

SCI 222

1pm - 2:30pm
10am - 2:30pm

Greg Gonsalves​ 2796

Math & Computer Science
CSIT-Computer Science Information Technology
CT-Computer Technology
CAOT-Computer Applications & Office Technologies

FH 101

Monday - Thursday:
7:30am - 4:30pm

Dr. Kian Kaviani 2810

Modern Languages & Civilizations
ASL, Arabic, Armenian, Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish

JH 111 Mickey Hong 2736


HAMC 106

Monday - Thursday:
9am - 9pm
9am - 4pm

Christine Park 2880

Non Credit & Adult Education
Courses in Basic Education, Computing Skills, ESL, Citizenship/English Literacy, Workforce Literacy, Entrepreneurship, Retail and Job Readiness skills

EWD 104 Angelica Ramirez 2230


SCI 218 Christiana Baskaran 2537


HH 200 Julio Torres 2763

Physics / Engineering
Physics, Engineering, Astronomy

SCI 222

Monday & Wednesday:
6pm - 7:30pm
10am - 2pm

Dr. Jayesh Bhakta 2923


HH 100 Dr. Rochelle Sechooler 2930

Radiologic Technology

RT 3 Israel Fonseca 2940

Social Sciences
African-American Studies, Anthropology, Chicano Studies, History, Humanities, Political Science, Sociology

FH 219 Anthony Clark 2949

Theater Arts
Theatre Academy: Acting, Costume Design, Entertainment Technology; General Theater Studies

TA 201 Leslie Ferreira 2976

Visual & Media Arts
Art, Art History, Journalism, Photography

CHEM 119

Tuesday & Thursday:
1am - 12pm and 1pm - 3pm

Laurel Paley


 Building Codes

AD: Cesar Chavez Admin. Building
Bung: Bungalow
CC: Communications - Cinema Building
CD: Child Development Center (CDC)
CH: Clausen Hall (now Herb Alpert Music Center)
CHEM: Visual & Media Arts
DH: Da Vinci Hall
EWD: Economic & Workforce Dev
FH: Franklin Hall
FSC: Faculty & Staff Center
FM: Facilities Management
HAMC: Herb Alpert Music Center (was Clausen Hall)
HH: Holmes Hall
JH: Jefferson Hall
KINN: Kinesiology North
KS: Kinesiology South
LIB: Martin Luther King Jr. Library
LS: Life Sciences, Learning Skills
M&O: Maintenance & Operations
RT: Radiologic Technology Building
SCI: Science & Technology Building
SSB: Student Services Building
SU: Student Union Building
THEA: Theater (TA)
WG: Women's Gymnasium (now Kinesiology South)

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