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President Mary Gallagher

This Week @ City

Originally Published: 8/7/2018

News and Events for the week of August 6

Good Tuesday Morning

I am sorry I am a day late on this communication. I just returned from a brief vacation to Chicago. Chicago is an interesting, iconic, and beautiful city.I want our campus to look like downtown Chicago every day!It is good to be back gearing up for the next three weeks to the start of our fall semester.



We ended the 2017-18 with over 11,113 full-time equivalent students (FTES), which is our stabilization rate. Our 2016-17 funded FTES was 12,350. We are down from our 2016-17 enrollment by about 1,240 FTES or approximately 10%. The new funding formula will help us to keep our 2016-17 funding level in place for the 2018-19 year. We will continue to rebuild our enrollment and recover ourselves over the next couple of years back to our pre-budget deficit FTES of 13,500.



We ended the 2017-18 year with a net surplus of a little over $111,000. Our actual ending balance was a little over $600,000; however, a budget of approximately $500,000 was carried forward into 2018-19 for open purchase orders. That is good because that means we begin this year ahead. We are taking a close look at the 2018-19 budget now to make sure everything is in place for the year for us to do our work. I am so happy and proud of the great work that happened last year to balance the budget. This ends our years of budget deficits.


Fall Semester

Our enrollment for fall 2018-19 as of yesterday was at 108% of last year (2017-18). Our headcount is also up by 13%. Those numbers are both good for us. But we did add 5% more sections, so the cost of the enrollment is higher for 2018-19 than it was for 2017-18. Right now we look to be in good shape for our enrollment. We continue our advertising campaign. We need to keep helping students enroll for classes and get started on the road to changing their life.


Campus Air Conditioning

We are so sorry that we continue to have air conditioning problems throughout the campus. Every day we have been working to get the air cooled. As we fix one thing, something else breaks. We remain hopeful that we will get the buildings cooled this week.


New Online Academy Update

I am so pleased with the launch of the new Online Academy. This is a full-time AA transfer degree in Business that can be completed in 22 months. It is completely online. This work was monumental and took the time and effort of all college divisions to make it happen. We started 31 new students in the program. We are accepting applicants now for the spring 2019 start in February. 


Fall Classified Symposium

We will have our Fall Classified Symposium this Friday, August 10th from 8am until 12noon in the Student Union 3rd floor Multipurpose Room. This meeting will provide college updates to the classified staff and a visioning exercise that will help us look to the future. We are preparing an abbreviated annual report to provide an annual update on our accomplishments for the past year. Offices will be closed this Friday.


LACC Family Picnic

We will be having a staff picnic in the Student Union 1st floor this Friday, August 10th beginning at noon. Please bring your family and enjoy the festivities. There will be fun games, music and food. You should have RSVP’d for this picnic by yesterday.


Fall Faculty Symposium

Planning for the Fall Faculty Symposium is taking place right now. The Symposium will be held on the Faculty Flex Day of Thursday, August 23th. The Agenda will be informative and interesting. I look forward to seeing you all there.


As we continue to work with students to enroll them in our great college, help them to remember what a very special college this is…The City’s College.


Have a great week,


Mary Gallagher


Los Angeles City College | 855 N. Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles California 90029


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Emergency: 323.953.2911