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Campus Maps & Parking

Commuting Alternatives

Public Transit

Beat the hassles of driving, it's easy and inexpensive. Ride the MTA, Metro Rail, or Metrolink to school!

  • The Vermont / Santa Monica Station of the Metro Red Line opens directly onto the LACC Campus. 
  • The campus is only a short distance from LA Union Station which connects to every major Metro Rail, and Metrolink Train.
  • The campus is also accessible by several convenient bus stops on Vermont Avenue, Santa Monica Boulevard, and Melrose Avenue.

For more information contact 1 (800) COMMUTE, visit the Metrolink website at, the MTA website at, or stop by the College Business Office, Student Services Building, 2nd Floor.

Plan your trip now, using the Metro Planner

The Universal College Student Transit Pass (U-Pass) Has Arrived at LACC!

LACC Students are now eligible to purchase a reduced-fare transit pass! The LACC U-Pass offers unlimited rides on Metro’s rail and bus lines, and is valid for the whole semester, including breaks! Lower unit requirements mean this pass is also available to many part-time students.

The U-Pass works with your existing LACC Student ID (Cub Card), so there are no extra cards to carry.

To purchase a Metro U-Pass
  1. Acquire your Cub Card ID at the Welcome Center in the Student Services Building.
  2. Complete the following online U-Pass survey
  3. Bring proof of the completed survey to the LACC CubStore Cashier in the Student Union to purchase your U-Pass sticker.

For additional information about the U-Pass program please see the U-Pass FAQ.

Bicycle Parking

Bicycle Parking is available throughout the campus, including within the main parking structure and in front of most buildings.

Please do not park bicycles against handrails, benches, or railings as they may be removed without notice.

Campus bike rack locations


Los Angeles City College
855 N. Vermont Avenue,
Los Angeles, CA 90029

Phone: (323) 953-4000
​Fax: (323) 953-4013

 Building Codes

AD: Cesar Chavez Admin. Building
Bung: Bungalow
CC: Communications - Cinema Building
CD: Child Development Center (CDC)
CH: Clausen Hall (now Herb Alpert Music Center)
CHEM: Visual & Media Arts
DH: Da Vinci Hall
EWD: Economic & Workforce Dev
FH: Franklin Hall
FSC: Faculty & Staff Center
HAMC: Herb Alpert Music Center (was Clausen Hall)
HH: Holmes Hall
JH: Jefferson Hall
KINN: Kinesiology North
KS: Kinesiology South
LIB: Martin Luther King Jr. Library
LS: Life Sciences Building
RT: Radiologic Technology Building
SCI: Science & Technology Building
SSB: Student Services Building
SU: Student Union Building
THEA: Theater (TA)
WG: Women's Gymnasium (now Kinesiology South)

Los Angeles City College | 855 N. Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles California 90029


Phone: 323.953.4000


Emergency: 323.953.2911